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March 22, 2005 by sandy2
I don't speak for all liberals, but liberals don't want innocent people to be murdered. In fact, we think its one of the worst possible crimes in the world to kill someone. For this reason, the Terri Schiavo issue is very tricky to deal with. Here’s the biggest thing: IF (and only IF) Terri Schiavo wanted to die then she should be allowed to. Now I don't have personal knowledge of whether or not she wanted this, nor do you have personal knowledge that she did not. Therefore, when we (liberals) ...
March 14, 2005 by sandy2
We hear every day about how the Iraqi operation is part of the US's enduring tradition of supporting Democracy throughout the world. I don't see very much tradition in this. The two places, well make that three places where we have successfully implemented democracy to date are Japan, the United States and Germany. In all of these places, we poured our resources selflessly into the countries to turn them into 1st world countries. In the end, our efforts were repaid, and these countries are now ...
February 11, 2005 by sandy2
The Bush Administration wants to raise the payments made to members of the armed forces who die in combat from the current 12,000 to 250,000. Now let us pretend for a moment that 250,000 is an exorbitant amount of money (it would cost nearly 500 million dollars a year in increased payments). If we give this amount to the soldiers who die, then for every single innocent civilian we kill, we need to pay 10 times this much, on a nationalized adjusted scale (for example, an amount equivalent to the...
February 10, 2005 by sandy2
Well... I have to pose this question:

Is there something wrong... or rather... is there a reason why I automatically accept that Michael Jackson molested multiple young children, yet even as a second person comes forward to claim Bill Cosby assulted them, I find it hard to believe?
January 24, 2005 by sandy2
Hell.. Maybe I am under analyzing the party’s demographics, but based on the people I know (and I will admit that this causes a large bias because most of the people I know qualify for inclusion in group 2), I have determined that there are two types of republicans:

The first type is the one who finds solace in the non-economic properties of the republican platform. In other words, they are not in the top income earning bracket, and therefore are not the primary concern of the Republican Par...
January 18, 2005 by sandy2
Now, before I get comments up to here about judging and left wing propaganda, realize I am not judging Bush's actions. But, let us compare Bush to Clinton.

Clinton was elected in '92. In 93, he took delivery of a new limousine, which he kept for the entire 8 years of his presidency.

Clintons ONE AND ONLY limo

Upon being elected, George W. Bush got a limo (a '01 Deville).

George W. Bush's first limo

Now, for his next term, Bush will be taking delivery of another limo. A 2006 ...
January 17, 2005 by sandy2
I have decided its official this time:

This site has been overrun with right wing crazies. I would like to take a tally, anyone who does not support Bush blindly, please raise a hand (or rather a comment). I mean, I find I can't walk (or browse) from one forum to another with out being bombarded with crazed posts attacking people from the right (and then there are the counter attacks). So please, someone, let me know you are out there, because I feel like an alien landed on mars today.
January 17, 2005 by sandy2
Tommarow, many will be reading a story in the New Yorker reporting that the United States is creating plans to attack Iran. Details will be available to you tommarow, but for now we know that US forces have been conducting secret spy missions in Iran to garner intelligence for air strikes and short commando operations. I seriously hope that the United STates doesn't make the same mistake again. Its bad enough that GWBush believes he has a mandate to fight whoever he wants, but to do this would ...
January 16, 2005 by sandy2
Well.. Helix the II locked the Evolution, Fact or Theory post. So I am continuing it on my own post.

Quote from Helix the II: My concern isn't circled around intent and you do agree, Daiwa, that it is unlawful (no matter how much sense it makes to you) for the judge to declare the sticker unconstitutional, since nowhere is religion endorsed, enspoused, or forced upon anyone. It isn't suggested you read the bible, attend sunday school, or pray to God. It does not say abandon your science, it...
January 16, 2005 by sandy2
Well... he got off with 10 years. I for one am outraged. The maximum sentence was 15 years- still too little, but instead of giving him even that they gave him a below maximum term? I don't believe it. If I, as a private citizen, were to do what he did, I would be sentenced to more than 15 years for say 15 counts of assault and battery, sexual assault and other charges. But he, as a soldier, gets less than this? Oh, and lets just throw out the fact that he actually (in my mind) "undermined" ...
January 14, 2005 by sandy2
Obesity is an epidemic in the United States. While we see this as a problem (most people don't enjoy being obese), most people fail to see the true consequences of this. The United States still doesn't have world high life expectancy, but this is only going to change as more and more people become fat.


"If you want to look better, if you want to feel better, you lower your calorie intake, you lower your fat, your crabs, you eat more fruits and vegetables and more whole g...
January 14, 2005 by sandy2
In light of the recent (and I believe righteous) ruling in Georgia regarding a sticker warning that evolution (specifically and ONLY evolution) is a theory and should be taken with a grain of salt, the question I have is how come Alabama is getting away with evolution murder.

As appears in Alabama's biology books:

This textbook discusses evolution, a controversial theory some scientists present as a scientific explanation for the origin of living things, such as plants, animals and huma...
January 12, 2005 by sandy2
Let me start off by saying this is one of my first personal computing articles. Let me round that statement off with this one: I feel my ideas are so good that if I had a few billion dollars I would attempt to make a hostile takeover of apple (though leaving Steve Jobs in place).

Apple makes great computers: we all know this. Anyone with an iPod knows how users friendly their features are and how well designed they are. The problem is, most of us are either unwilling or unable to use the App...
January 12, 2005 by sandy2
I am really dumbfounded as to what happened the the grand old party. The party of civil rights. The party which was fiscally conservative. I am not judging, I am just curious.

The GOP was the party of Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was actually the first Republican candidate. The republicans were also historically in favor of a central bank and a central currency. They were also pro-federal government as opposed to the democrats, who were pro-state, anti central everything (including bank) and pro...
January 12, 2005 by sandy2
Non Partisan. Did you like that? Well I truly will try.

The future is hard to determine, as we all know, and it becomes even harder when you take into account what the government might do to help. So I will try to first give the scenario where nothing is done till imminent disaster is near.

The next 100 years will bring us a warming globe, shrinking resources and a growing population. What lies ahead for the United States? Well, we will have an aging population and a major crisis. So wil...